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Firearms Links

Updated 16 Sept 2010

Air Powered

YouTube - Caselman Air Machine Gun - video II
YouTube - Caselman Air Machine Gun - video I
YouTube - 9mm field test
YouTube - How to make a good Airgun / Air Gun! Tips & Tricks
YouTube - homemade air gun power
YouTube - Simple Pneumatic Spud gun Shoots Bullet Through METAL!!!
YouTube - How To Make A Powerful Golf Ball Gun!!!
Air Gun Plans
Building a marble shooting airgun
American Air Cannons - American Air Cannons | Potato Cannon Plans | T-Shirt Cannons - Home
Air Cannons, potato cannon plans, potato gun plans, t-shirt cannon and other promotional items. American Air Cannons are an exciting way to market your team or company.
Burnt Latke - BB machine gun - Combustion Launchers - spud guns
Automatic BB Gun
Homemade Air Guns
Fully Automatic Airgun :: Pellet and BB Machine Gun
homepage of the GSMG, a fully automatic BB machinegun which uses compressed air to fire .177 and .22 caliber pellets and BBs at high velocities; a revolutionary new adult airgun for the sportsman, recreational shooter, gun enthusiast, or homeowner.
The Caselman air powered machine gun · Flup
Flup: A lattice of pointlessness.
Straight Talk

Auctions - Online Gun Auction
GunsAmerica - Guns - Guns For Sale Classifieds & Auctions B"H - Guns For Sale & Gun Auctions B"H
Buy and sell guns at Gun classified ads and gun auctions. Tens of thousands of guns for sale, pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, plus gun parts, scopes, ammo, accessories and everything you need for shooting and hunting. Sell your guns for as little as 1%, and post all you want for sale for free. Ruger, Colt, Glock, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Winchester, Browning, Savage, Remington, FNH, Sig Sauer, H&K, Taurus, Kel-Tec, EAA, Thompson Center, Benelli 1911, AR-15, etc. for sale.
Buy and sell guns at - the world's largest online gun auction. Discover top brands of guns, rifles, pistols, shotguns, as well as gun parts and accessories. Register now at to start buying and selling guns online.
The gun forum search engine.

Black Powder

Track of the Wolf - Muzzle Loading & Black Powder Guns Kits, Parts, Accoutrements, Rendezvous Gear & Primitive Americana
Muzzle Loading & Black Powder Guns Kits, Parts, Accoutrements, Rendezvous Gear & Primitive Americana.

Expedient Firearms expedient firearms expedient firearms
Garage Gunsmithing
Gunplumber's Notes
Homebuilt Firearm's
Home Gunsmith Forums
Homemade Experimental Firearm Designs
homemade firearm designs, homemade, black powder, crossbow
Homemade Gun
Improvised gun making (Kirk Hays)
Improvised Weapons
Several improvised weapon designs
Sound Suppressors on High-Powered Rifles
The Home Gunsmith
WeaponryOnlineDownloads: Firearm Blueprints
Weapons, combat and survival information. Guides, documents, handbooks about different weapons and combat

Flare and Launchers The Most Fun You Can Legally Have!
Grog and the band's 37mm and 40mm Webpage
Mr 40mm
Red Flare Emergency Supplies | Disaster Preparedness Kits and Survival Gear
Red Flare Emergency Supplies is a retailer & wholesaler specializing in emergency survival gear, disaster preparedness kits, first aid, camping & outdoor living items.


AK-47 information, bayonets, ammo and magazines
American Welding Society - Welding Journal
BiggerHammer - When a small hammer just ain't enough - New Server
Collecting and Shooting the Military Surplus Rifle (2006) -'s Firearm Site Directory
Fort Liberty
Gun Culture
Gun Owners of America
Unfinished Gun Receivers and Blueprints
Guns Lot | Gun Resource, Community & Store
Guns Network
Hk54 Forum
Home Gunsmith
Home Gunsmith Forums
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership - Homepage
Keep and Bear Arms - Gun Owners Home Page - 2nd Amendment Supporters - $200 Machine Gun - Richard W. Stevens, Esq.
misc_survivalism_moderated : Survivalism and Preparedness.
Official National Rifle Association of America Home Page Concealed Carry (CCW), Concealed Weapon Permit, Concealed Weapon Law : Home
project guns home
RCG Forums
Second Amendment Sisters, Inc.
Sniper Central - Mel's Sniper Page
Sturmgewehr Assault Rifle and NFA Forums - On the New Server
The AK Forum
The AK Forum
The GunThing.Com Home
The High Road
The Other Side - The Other Side of Kim
VPC List of Manufacturers
WarRifles Forums: Homebrew folder
WeaponryOnline :: Spotlighting the BEST weaponry online!
Weapons Guild
Women Against Gun Control is a free to join group that supports the 2nd Amendment and a woman's right to protect herself.
Women and Guns
Women & Guns
Women & Guns Magazine
Women To Arms!
Yahoo! Groups : gunkitbuilders

Gattling Guns

Gatling Guns by RG-G, Inc.
RG-G, Inc. offers finished, fully functional gatling guns, kits, and plans.
Plans for authentic Colt 1874 Gatling Gun, funcional model is 1/3 scale .22 caliber
12 gauge gatling - Practical Machinist - Largest Manufacturing Technology Forum on the Web
been thinking now for a while about a 12 gauge style gatling gun, are ther any sites online tht id be able to get dwg, dxf, or solid models of the cam
Building a Gatling gun. - UZI Talk Forums
Building a Gatling gun. Home Gunsmithing & Kit Building
SayUncle » Zombie Gun
Our Products

Gunsmithing, Generic

DIY Home Parkerizing
Making the Surplus: Homade Electronic Bore Cleaner
Single Shot Leverguns
Stock Refinishing
The Home Gunsmith
Types of Finishes
Parkerizing Tuttorial
How to Blacken Steel to Prevent Rust |
How to Blacken Steel to Prevent Rust. Steel is blackened with heat, chemicals or a combination of both. Steel has two oxides: red and black. Red oxide is what we know as rust. It is corrosive and destructive. Black oxide provides a...

Handgun, Derringer

Double Action Derringers
Smallest Guns

Handgun, Kel-Tec

A lil heads up for you Kel-Tec P3AT owners I just read this and figured someone should be warning people. "During last summer
Helpful Tip of the Day: MAGSAFE AMMO

Handguns, 1911

How to build a 1911 Government Model Pistol
A description of a project to build a 1911 .45 ACP pistol from scratch
1911 Parts & Accessories *NEW*
100 Items listed in this Category

Handguns, Cobray - Message Index
MAC, Ingram & Cobray | M11 |
Yahoo! Groups : cobray
MasterPiece Arms - Gun Manufacturer, Pistols, Rifles @
Cobray Company
Cobray - Noveltyguns - Cobray Accessories - Cobray Parts - Cobray M11 9mm
Cobray Fake Suppressor - Cobray Slotted Barrel Extension - Cobray K-Grip - Cobray Mini Fake Suppressor - Cobray Nomex Suppressor Cover - Cobray - Cobray M-11 - Cobray M-12/380 - Cobray M-10 - Cobray M-11/9mm - Cobray M-10/45 - Cobray Parts - Cobray M11 9mm - Cobray Barrels - Cobray Grips - Cobray Mags - Cobray Gun Parts - Cobray Bags - Cobray Cases - Cobray Books - Cobray Manuels - Cobray Slings - Cobray Trigger Boots - Cobray Street Sweeper - Cobray SMG - cobray pre ban - cobray post ban - cobray m11 mags - cobray m12 mags - cobray steel mags - cobray zytel mags - cobray 30rd mags - cobray 10rd mags - cobray 32rd mags - cobray 10 shot mags - cobray 30 shot mags - cobray 32 shoot mags - cobray 9mm - cobray 380 - cobray m11 9mm - cobray straps - cobray hangers - cobray gunparts - cobray gun parts - cobray trigger attachments - cobray mac - cobray accessories - cobray 9mm blanks - cobray 9mm carbine - cobray upper receivers - king of cobray - cobray king - #1 in cobray - COBRAY - COBRAY PM11 9MM
Practical Solutions (Powered by CubeCart)
Practical Solutions is a federally licensed Class II manufacturer. We operate a machine shop specializing in repairs, conversions, and accessories for the MAC series of full auto sub machine gun firearms. This includes all of the following: Mac 10, Mac 11, M10/9, M10/45, M11/9, M11/380. We are also a Machine Gun Dealer in Maryland and we help customers with transfers regularly. We buy and sell SMG MACs, parts, and accessories from other companies such as SWD, RPB, Powder Springs, Cobray and Jersey Arms Works. Some of the accessories we sell are: Carlson Compensators, Flash Hiders, Uzi Style Folding Stocks, M10 and M11 .22LR Cal. Conversion Kits, sling swivels, Flip Grips, Thread Adapters, Barrel Tools, Grips, Suppressors, Buffers, Charging Handles, Paddle Mag Releases, Mag loaders, .22LR Cal. Boosters, Uzi Style Barrel Nuts, 380 scorpion stock, and M11 Compact Stocks. Our shop is equipped with CNC as well as manual machines. We can make the necessary parts, tig weld them into place, and finally parkerize the entire assembly so that the package is complete. We also offer Uzi and Grease Gun Conversions for the M10 and Sten Conversions for the M11.
Cobray M11/7.62x25
Cobray M11/7.62x25:
M11 7.62X25 mm Tokarev Upper - UZI Talk Forums
M11 7.62X25 mm Tokarev Upper MAC-10 Talk

Handguns, CZ (Ceskoslovenska Zborjovka)


Custom Made Rubber grips.
Extended slide release gives a slide stop
Hogue Wood Grips.
Improvements instructions
Information on the CZ-52
More Wood Grips.
Wood Grips By CZ Grips.
American Handgunner: A customized CZ52 to Czech out: fast, cheap and easy — is this a pistol we're talking about?
Great Firearms - The CZ-52 - Page 1

CZ-62 Skorpion

Detailed CZ62 Skorpion
Skorpion diagrams here! found them!!! [Archive] - TheFiringLine Forums

Handguns, Makarov and Clones - Makarov Basics

Handguns, misc.
Pen Gun, Title 1 !
Smallest Guns
PP - 90
Photos d'armes de collection


Civilian Armory An Introduction to Forensic Firearm Identification
French and World Guns, Pistol, revolvers, rifles since 1800
Headstamp Codes on Small Arms Ammunition
IDWizard.htm - A Varied and Detailed Display of Collectable Military Ordnance
Security Arms Weapons Photos
SURPLUS FIREARMS VIRTUAL MUSEUM :, Your source for military surplus.
Welcome to Modern Firearms & Ammunition site

Legal References

2003 CFR Title 27, Volume 2
27 CFR Ch. I (4-1-03 Edition)
27 CFR PART 26
ATF Ez Check
Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Building From Parts Set
Common Sense About Kids and Guns: Iowa Information
Firearm Links
Iowa Code 724.15: handgun acquire permit
Iowa Code 724.16: handgun sales
Law and legal opinions
Law and legal opinions
Law and legal opinions - $200 Machine Gun - Richard W. Stevens, Esq.
NFA and other gun, knife and destructive device law related info and cases
NRA-ILA :: Fact Sheets
Official National Rifle Association of America Home Page
The US gun stock: results from the 2004 national firearms survey -- Hepburn et al. 13 (1): 15 -- Injury Prevention
United States Bill of Rights - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Weaponeer Forums
WorldNetDaily: Britain, Australia top U.S. in violent crime
Law Research on Home Built firearms
NFA Manual

Less Lethal

Baikal MP-461
ФГУП "Ижевский механический завод"
ФГУП "Ижевский механический завод"
ФГУП "Ижевский механический завод"
ФГУП "Ижевский механический завод"
ФГУП "Ижевский механический завод"
ФГУП "Ижевский механический завод"

Optics and Sights

Buy/Sell/Trade - CPFMarketPlace
Combat Optical Combat Hunting Store
For Sale: Tritium Vials & Markers - CPFMarketPlace
Kalinka Optics Warehouse (Rifle Scopes - Binoculars - Russian Optics - Night Vision and more.)
Kremlin Optics (Night Vision Goggles, Rifle Scopes, Binoculars, Cameras, Lenses, Spotting Scopes, Magnifiers)
Lan Optics International (Night Vision Binoculars, Night Vision Scopes, Night Vision Goggles, Microscopes, Telescopes)
Optic Sales (Huge variety optics, mounts)
Optics Planet
P.A. Distributing (ZRAK factory scopes)
Rugift (Cameras, Lenses and other optics) (huge selection)
SRB Technologies - Betalight
Surplus Shed
Tech-SIGHTS Precision Shooting Accessories
Wicks Trading Post (Optics, Shooting and Hunting Supplies) / Nightvision Technology / Principles of Nightvision Devices
AN/PVS-4 Individual Weapon Night Sight
PHOTONIS.COM - Night Vision products
Rostov optical-mechanical plant
How to Boresight a Rifle Scope |
Bushnell Magnetic Bore Sighter
What A Country, Inc. - Night Vision & Optics
BEAMSHOT Laser Sight, Tactical Light, - - Quarton, Inc.
From INFINITER laser pointers and professional leveling tools, to advanced BEAMSHOT sighting systems, Quarton Inc. offers laser diode modules and products made with the best materials and consistent quality control. Not only is Quarton Inc. a major OEM/ODM partner for large wholesalers throughout the world, it is also firmly establishing consumer awareness and brand loyalty for three labels: QUARTON, INFINITER, and BEAMSHOT.


Rail Guns

PowerLabs NEW Rail Gun!
PowerLabs electromagnetic capacitor powered 20kJ Rail Gun research
PowerLabs Rail Gun!
PowerLabs electromagnetic capacitor powered 20kJ Rail Gun research


Rifles, 50 BMG

50 BMG Rifle Project
.50 BMG rifles
Anzio Single Shot 50 BMG Rifle
ARM USA - - 50 BMG Rifles - 50 Caliber Rifles
BiggerHammer - When a small hammer just ain't enough - New Server
Bluegrass Armory
Building the Maadi .50 BMG - Welcome to the Machine Shop Forum
East Ridge Gun Company Inc. Homepage
Grip,Pitcanini Rail,Bipod details picture - Webshots
GunHoo:Types:50 BMG
Home of the LAR Grizzly
Hyperdelivery Systems Home
Krieger Barrels, Inc. - Home
Maadi-Griffin MG-6
The .50-Caliber Browning Target Rifle (Gunmetal Designs).pdf (application/pdf Object)
Very Nice Design
VM HY-TECH Tactical Arms
Vulcan Armamanet Inc. [The Best-Built Firearms in the World!]
Watson's Weapons
Webshots - Images of .50 BMG and Beer Can Mortar

Rifles, AR15,M16 - Forum for the AR15 and Black Rifle Enthusiasts.
AR15 Rifle and Pistol Previews and AR15 Reviews
AR-57 Upper Receiver coming soon! - $695.00 : Military Gun Supply, Your #1 Source for Military Guns, Ammunition, and Accessories
Zeroing the M4 and AR-15: - AR15

Rifles, Dragunov,PSL, FPK

7.62x54r Ammunition Evaluations
Best pricing on Group Buys
Czechoslovakian 1963 7.62x54r Steel Core Light Ball - Choose Your Rifle
Modern Firearms - Sniper Rifles - SVU
Polish 1986 7.62x54r Steel Core Light Ball
PSL sniper rifle * (7.62x54r)
Stock sets for Romanian sniper rifles - PSL, ROMAK-3, FPK, SSG-97, Dragunov
Wookie's shooting projects: PSL

Rifles, FAL / The FAL Files

Rifles, HK & CETME

922r compliance and the CETME/HK91 -
AG-3 © 2001-2006
ATF Letter
attachment.php (JPEG Image, 640x483 pixels)
Century CETME Guide
CETME evolution
Cetme / G3 Parts Compatibility
cetme_manual.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Cetme Rifle
Fire Control group semi auto mod. - Page 2 -
G3 build on a Century stamped steel receiver.
G3 Clone - Gun and Game Forums
G3 trigger pack disassembly and re-assembly -
HK 91 & G3 Question & Answer Page!
HK_Buffers.jpg (JPEG Image, 756x702 pixels)
HK_CETME Services
HK G3 trigger mechanism imrovement © 2005-2006
HKPRO.COM--The Unofficial Website for the Uncompromising HK Enthusiast
How to adjust the sights of your HK rifle © Heckler & Koch Gmbh/ 2001-2006
In Memoriam : The CETME Homepage
I still don't understand the CETME unlocking sequence - Militaryfirearm
MG42's firearm pages © 2001-2006
MSG90A1 Clone Project
Parts, sarcoinc
PBB how to bend an HK flat -
Santa Barbara Sistemas
The Tac-Latch II for HK by JB Manufacturing
The Unofficial CETME C Homepage | CETME Battle Rifle Initial Evaluation
CETME - G3 trigger pack FCG F/A to S/A modification
G3/Cetme Replacement Parts List
HK Specialist - Home Page
Black Market Parts
HK Parts - HKPARTS.NET is the largest reseller of Heckler and Koch products in the USA.
RTG International (lots HK, MG, P38, UZI, etc parts)
G3 Barrels
Scorpion Arms - Your Premier Source for PTR-91 Parts and Accessories!
Scorpion Arms -- your premier source for PTR-91 parts and accessories!
APEX Gun Parts

Rifles, Kalashnikov AK47 information and photos
AK47_Full_Auto_Conversion_for_Dummies.pdf (application/pdf Object)
AK47, all sorts of AK info
AK SVD furniture handguards buttstocks pistol grips slings
Another Trunion Hole Trick
CAA AK47 Upper Handguard w/ Rail - AK-47 Lower Receiver Blank Build Tutorial
Guns N Stuff
IMI Tavor Assault Rifle in Guns World
K3 Bullpup
Modern Firearms - Assault Rifles - Groza OC-14
Pookie's Gun Stuff
Romanian Kalashnikov Rifles
Scope mounts for your AK or SKS rifle
Spetsnaz Mod: Weapons
Tantal Russian Accessories
The AK Files Forums - Rifle Forums
The Home Gunsmith
The Leck Family Website : AK-47 Build
Trunnion Holes Trick
Wookie's AK builds
Yahoo! Groups : AK-47
Yahoo! Groups : AK-74

Rifles, Other

American 180 Submachine Gun Home Page
Denel PAW-20 Neopup
MagPul Industries' Masada Adaptive Combat Weapon System
Prexis: Prexis US Made Parts Kits
Prexis/Sten (hard to find 80% receivers)

Rifles, SKS

922(r) Parts Count Info from ATF - 14 Parts!
Captain of a Crew of One: SKS Legal Issues
Cleaning your SKS
Collecting and Shooting the SKS Rifle - Bolt Disassembly and Reassembly
Collecting and Shooting the SKS Rifle
Yugo SKS 7.62 x 39 mm Hog Rifle
Yugo SKS carbine [Archive] - Knob Creek Gun Range Forums

Rifles, Sten, Stirling

Hell Box Armory: SLS (Semi-only) Sten Long Shroud Kits
Hell Box Armory: Stens


113. Compact Between The States And The United States
Alaskan Independence Party
American Civil Liberties Union
American Civil Liberties Union - Criminal Justice, Death Penalty, Disability Rights, Drug Policy, Free Speech, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Immigrants' Rights, Lesbian & Gay Rights, National Security, Police Practices, Prisoners' Rights, Privacy & Technology, Racial Justice, Religion & Belief, Reproductive Freedom, Rights of the Poor, Safe and Free, StandUp/Youth, Voting Rights, Women's Rights
Antigunners Bypass House :: MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory
Are Mexican drug traffickers armed with US guns?
Baptist Press - FIRST-PERSON: Mexico, U.S. guns and the media's 90 percent myth - News with a Christian Perspective
Barrel marks, aka ballistic fingerprinting, killed by Congress
Campaign For Liberty — Iowa 10th amendment state sovereignty bill is in committee!
Canada Moves To End Gun Control - Stormfront
Cartels' Weapons Made In America? - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego
Clinton lets slip military arms from US
German teen who attacked school awakes from coma -
Gun Owners of America
Holder and 2nd Amendment
Holder confronted over 90% figure.
Mexico Cartels Don't Buy Assault Weapons from U.S.
Mexico: Gun controls undermined by U.S. -
Mexico's Drug War: Mexico drug cartels’ new weaponry means war - Los Angeles Times
Mexico seizes anti-aircraft-capable weapon - Los Angeles Times
Montanna Secedes per statehood agreement
MRStep » State Sovereignty Movement — 33!!
NationMaster - Murders (per capita) (most recent) by country
NRA - ILA, legislative branch of NRA - A Right Unexercised is a Right Lost!
Police: Officer killed suspect who tried to pull loaded AK-47 from his pants - San Jose Mercury News
Prosecutor: Student planned 'Apocalypse' -
Report stating joint database of barrel and firing pin markings.
The Myth of 90 Percent: Only a Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come From U.S. - Presidential Politics | Political News -
The Myth of 90 Percent: Only a Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come From U.S. - Presidential Politics | Political News -
While 90 percent of the guns traced to the U.S. actually originated in the United States, the percent traced to the U.S. is only about 17 percent of the total number of guns reaching Mexico.
The Myth of 90 Percent: Only a Very Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come From U.S. - Stormfront
The Straight Dope: Did Hitler ban gun ownership?
The war to the south - The Boston Globe
Update: Iowa and Kansas | Tenth Amendment Center
US and Mexico to register US firearms! - Stormfront
U.S. won't prosecute medical pot sales - Los Angeles Times
Washington Times - EDITORIAL: Global gun control
Washington Times - Practicality of gun database questioned Forum


Glaser Safety Slug
Olympic Arms, Inc. - Real World .223 Testing
Project ChildSafe - Putting a lock on safety in your community


C3 Junkie

SMG, Yugo M-56



2000 keyfindings industrialised
CTS9ByCountryExtract.pdf (application/pdf Object)
GOA -- 2008 Presidential Candidates and the Second Amendment
NationMaster - Murders with firearms (per capita) (most recent) by country
NationMaster - Rapes (per capita) (most recent) by country
UK, Austrailia more violent
United Nations Crime and Justice Research Inst. - Statistics


.308 Winchester Cartridge Guide
7.62x51 NATO vs 308 Winchester
American Welding Society - Welding Journal
Another H.E.A.P. Site
Ballistics Chart for Military Ammunition
Ballistic vest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Basics of Design Engineering - Fastening & Joining - Joining - Soldering Processes - Miscellaneous Firearms Technical and Training Manuals
BiggerHammer - When a small hammer just ain't enough - New Server
Borescope Pictures
Breech Mechanisms
Build your own Electrolysis Tank - Militaryfirearm
Build your own Electrolysis Tank Build it Yourself/Gunsmithing
Delta Press
Detailed Ballistics Formulas
Discount Hunting Gear, Government Surplus, Ammo, Shooting Supplies, Camping Gear, Outdoor Gear at The Sportsman's Guide Long Range Shooting Resources
A free online exterior ballistics calculator with printable range cards. DOP3 is the best and most accurate calculator for exterior ballistics. It will solve exterior ballistics using G1 drag coefficients, G2, G3, G5, G7, G8 drag coefficients, and will also generate range cards which can be printed off and laminated. An online range card store sells laminated range cards done in a very nice format. Content and articles for long range shooting sports. Many scopes by Nikon, Bushnell and Leupold are useful for long range shooting. Many long range shooters also reload ammunition using Lee Precision dies, Hornady bullets, Sierra MatchKing bullets, and CCI primers. Laser rangefinders and optical sighting systems are very important as well. Handheld ballistic computers and calculators are very useful for long range shooting, and make hitting the targets much easier. Often a bench rest, harris bipod, or rear bag rest sandbag will be used to help the shooter sight in on the target. Vortex scopes and Nightforce scopes are also used and have plenty of elevation adjustment. Sometimes long range shooters will refer to themselves as snipers or tactical shooters. Gun training and IPSC pistol matches are often used to increase skill levels.
ESAB University Home Page
Exploded View's
exterior ballistics
Free Printable Targets
FR. FROG'S Home Page
Gun, Ammunition And Optic Manufacturers! Full Auto Gun Videos! All At Aardvark Firearms!
GunDirectory: Pistol and handgun reviews, classifieds and auctions, and firearms reference guide
Index of /WRM
JBM's small-arms ballistics calculators - $200 Machine Gun - Richard W. Stevens, Esq.
LoadData 308 Win
MidwayUSA - Video Library
Watch videos on shooting, reloading and home gunsmithing. Videos will demonstrate the needed supplies, parts and the knowledge to complete the project.
Military Arms Manuals
Military Cartridge Diagrams
Military Factory (ID military goods)
Military manuals from Emilitary Manuals
Optics: Smith Enterprise, Inc.
Outfitting the special-needs customer takes a bit of ingenuity, but it's worth it Shooting Industry - Find Articles
PLR-16 Muzzle Accessory Experiments
project guns home
Real Guns - Home Page - Firearms & Handloading Information
Rifle Trajectory Table
ShooterReady Traing
Sniper's Paradise
Surplusrifle (Good information)
Target stands by
Tech Pubs (lots of online tech manuals)
The Blueprints - Reference Image Database - 27676 blueprint views today
::the most original sin::
The Truth About Mil Dots | Guns & Weapons
User Guide for Mil-Dot Equipped Optics
Wadcutter: Archive: gun & hoplo posts
WarRifles Firearms Forum

Vendors, Ammunition and Reloading

Big Sky Surplus (ammo, inert munitions)
Brownells - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools
Cheaper Than Dirt - America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter
CH Tool & Die / 4D Custom Die Main Products Page
HI-VEL (parts, spec ammo, 37mm flares)
Huntington Reloading Supplies
List of lowest cost ammo
MidwayUSA – Shooting Supplies, Reloading, Gunsmithing, Ammunition, Gun Parts & Rifle Scopes
ProductCart shopping cart software - Wisconsin Cartridge LLC.
Pyrocreations - Fireworks, ball mill, pyrotechnics, cannon fuse, cardboard tubes
Sportsmans Guide (everything out doors)
The Armory (ammo etc)
Widener's Reloading and Shooting Supply INC

Vendors, Generic

American Weapons (merchandise descriptions are inaccurate)
Brownells - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools
Centerfire Systems, Inc. (very good)
Century International Arms
Cheaper Than Dirt - America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter
Classic Arms Inc. (military firearms)
Cole Distributing
David's Collectibles (AK parts, surplus arms)
Four Seasons Guns
Gerber Knives, Buck Knives, Gun Accessories offers the world's largest selection of knives, guns, and firearm brands for sale.
GT Distributors - America's Law Enforcement supply specialist
G T Distributors, America's Law Enforcement Supply Specialist Open Since 1972, We Have Been Selling Police Equipment and Supplies for Over 30 years!
Hoosier Gun Works (Military and Civilian guns and parts)
J&G Sales: In-Stock Guns
Kittery Trading Post Used Guns Home
MidwayUSA – Shooting Supplies, Reloading, Gunsmithing, Ammunition, Gun Parts & Rifle Scopes
Military Gun Supply (kits, complete guns, prices high)
Militia of Montana (survivalist literature, medical supplies)
Natchez Shooters Supplies
Natchez Shooters Supplies
Ohio Rapid Fire (firearms, parts kits, parts)
Patriot Ordnance Factory (unique rifles, HK parts)
RPB Industries (MPA firearms, parts sets)
Sarco, Inc.,( Firearms, Firearms Parts and Accessories)
Sportsmans Guide (everything out doors)
TJ General Store (shooting supplies + reloading)
Sarco, Inc.

Vendors, Gunsmithing

Brownells - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools
Caswell Plating and Parkerizing Kits
Cosmoline - Rust Preventative and Spray Lubricant
F&L Petroleum Products
Heckler and Koch Firearm Restoration and Gunsmith Services for the Hk91, G3, Hk94, MP5, and Hk93 rifles
MidwayUSA – Shooting Supplies, Reloading, Gunsmithing, Ammunition, Gun Parts & Rifle Scopes
Savvysurvivor index
Shooter Solution Industrial Grade Gun Finishes, Treatments, More

Vendors, OEM

Auto Mag Pistol Parts - automag parts
The is the only source for original Auto Mag Parts for our pistols. Buy automag parts, enjoy old press releases and articles, and purchase original product brochures and manuscripts!
Bright Sights High Visibility Gun Sight Paint
Bushnell Outdoor Products
Century International Arms Inc.
CHOATE Machine & Tool, Inc. - Makers of the Ultimate Varmint & Sniper Stocks
CH Tool & Die / 4D Custom Die
DPMS: AR-15 Rifles, Parts and Accessories.
D S Arms (FAL rifles + parts) - European American Armory Inc. - Homepage - Products - Firearms Manufacturers
Gun Manufacturers - Firearms portal - From Shooter Solutions
Heckler & Koch - Group Website
Investment Grade Firearms Gunsmith Services for Hk, FAL, AK, AR15, and Galil Military Rifle Restoration
Ironwood Designs (wood stocks, bargin bin)
Kahr Arms | Maker of high quality handguns in USA
Korth-Waffen (Start)
Leapers, Inc. - Hunting/Shooting, Sporting Goods and Security Gear
Lyman Products' Home Page
MasterPiece Arms - Gun Manufacturer, Pistols, Rifles
Michael's Machines
Millett Sights
nodakspud home page.htm
North American Arms
PTR 91 Inc. Home to the PTR-91 Series of Rifles
Santa Barbara Sistemas
Smith & Wesson
Special Weapons Inc, SW5, MP5, MP10
The Palm Pistol
Vector Arms
Vulcan Armament Inc. (former Hesse Arms)
XCR Home Page
XS Sight Systems
Yankee Hill Machine Company, Inc. - Makers of High Quality Firearms

Vendors, Parts

80% Receiver Sources - Survival Monkey Forums
80% Receiver Sources Firearms
AA-OK (AK, HK, etc. parts)
About Gun Parts! ...Bob's Gun Parts. Top Page Commercial Super Site.
Bob's Gun Shop, Millions of Gun Parts for over 350 Models, Gun Magazines, Gun Stocks, Gun Clips, Gun Firing Pins.Gun Parts Supplieer, Gun Parts Dealer,
Acme Arms (lots of AK tooling, build parts)
AK Stuff for sale
APEX Gun Parts (lots of military rifle parts)
AR15 Plus
ar15plus carries a selection of items for the custom weapons smith and firearms enthusiast. Available for online purchase: Kits, Parts, Receivers, tools and accessories to customize and build AK47s, AR15s and more. Based in Houston, Texas.
Arizona Response Systems Notes
Arms of America (parts kits, AK pistols)
Batten Feld Technologies (accessories, reloading)
Black Market Parts (HK parts)
Brownells - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools
CDNN Sports
Centerfire Systems, Inc. (very good)
Century International Arms
Century International Arms Inc.
Cheaper Than Dirt - America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter
Cold Steel Solutions (receivers for almost anything)
Cole Distributing
Cope's Distributing (lots of military parts)
Dave's Page (military firearm parts)
David's Collectibles (AK parts, surplus arms)
DIY Guns (building kits)
dph Arms (mostly AK parts)
D S Arms (FAL rifles + parts)
Elk River Tool & Die Inc. (US receivers, parts, rifles)
FAC / Century Arms (large selection at discount)
Firefox Enterprises (pyrotechnics)
Firequest (wide variety incl 37mm flares) (Great blueprints etc.)
Florida Gun Works (lots of parts, kits,firearms, expensive)
Foster Industries, handgun frames, slides, etc.
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FTF Industries (AK, Cobray, parts + acc.)
Fusion Firearms
Gun Accessories (good variety, expensive)
Gun Garage Inc (good mac & AK parts)
Gun Parts by John Masen (muzzle brakes, etc. etc.) (AK, FAL, etc. parts and kits)
Halo Manufacturing (military conversions)
Hell Box Armory
HI-VEL (exotic parts, ammo,etc)
HK Parts (Best in German HK Parts) (lots of HK parts)
Hoosier Gun Works (Military and Civilian guns and parts)
International Military Antiques (parts kits, display guns, collectables)
I.O. Inc (lots of firearms, parts, accessories)
Krebs Custom (custom AK rifles, custom parts)
KT Ordnance (frames & receivers, 80% and 100%)
K-VAR (military gun parts, AK bullpup kit)
M1SURPLUS (firearm parts, misc surplus)
Mac-Cobray (former Stonycreek) (parts and firearms) (CZ-52 parts, upgrades, VG)
MAX-11 Lage Mfg
MidwayUSA – Shooting Supplies, Reloading, Gunsmithing, Ammunition, Gun Parts & Rifle Scopes
Military Gun Supply (kits, home build parts, complete guns)
Numrich Gun Parts (they have everything)
Ohio Ordnance Works (Class 3 firearms, parts kits)
Ohio Rapid Fire (firearms, parts kits, parts)
Omega Weapons Systems (huge selection of parts)
Ordnance Direct (parts, parts kits, surveilance)
Parts 4 SKS (SKS Accessories and Parts, everything)
Patriot Ordnance Factory (US made AR-15 style rifles and parts)
Ponderosa Enterprises (huge selection of parts)
Power Custom (lots of parts and accessories)
RB Precision (AR15 accessories and parts)
Red Star Arms Inc. (good quality parts, sexy ladies)
RPB Industries (parts,kits, firearms, esp. Cobray)
SKS parts (sks, cobray, diy items)
TAPCO (now wholesale only)
The Gun Collector, specializing in re-enactment guns, gun kits, gun parts, hard to find brass cartridges, reloading equipment, high capacity magazines, FN FAL parts, grenade launchers, mortars and flame throwers from all periods of time from the Civil War to world war I, world war II, vietnam, Korea and Desert Storm
The ultimate site for re-enactment weapons, gun kits,gun parts and hard to find brass cartridges.
The Tannery Shop(AR15 and 1911 parts)
The Tannery Shop- Machine Gun Kits (group buys)
Florida Military Supply

Very Large Bore

Nordenfelt's Quick Firing Guns
Nordenfelt QF Gun, 1.65" (42mm) caliber

Weird Firearms

Crucifix Pistol
Photos d'armes de collection
Downsizer WSP Single Shot Revolver Reviews Forum and Reference Guide
Reference guide and directory for hundreds of handguns, semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns. Read or post reviews and comments from handgun owners from across the world.